Chiropractic Services

From "Head to Toe"

Head & Neck Adjustment

Head, Temporomandibular Joints (TMJ), Craniocervical Junction, Neck

Spine Treatment

Cervical Spine, Thoracic Spine, Lumbar Spine, Sacrum, Sacroiliac joints

Joint Treatment

Shoulder, Elbow, Wrist, Hand, Fingers, Hip, Knee, Ankle, Foot, Toes, Extremities

State-of-the-art treatment and adjustment of mechanical disorders of the musculoskeletal system.
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Our Chiropractic Staff

Dr. Gale Zappacosta


Dr. Gale Zappacosta is a Canadian trained Doctor of Chiropractic with over forty years of experience in acute and chronic conservative pain management and care. She completed her chiropractic training at the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College (Toronto, Canada). She is board certified in the Cayman Islands to practice as a chiropractor. She has 40 years of clinical experience and the further training and experience in numerous treatment styles ranging from ultra-gentle to vigorous, and neurological and musculoskeletal rehabilitation.

Dr. Gale is offering her chiropractic expertise to the Caymanian population. Her clinical aspiration is to use conservative chiropractic treatment, and lifestyle management to assist patients suffering with pain to find relief. Also, to clarify the supportive and preventative lifestyle habits aimed to return you to a more normal and productive life.

Dr. Gale has worked with many 1000s of patients suffering head, neck and back problems, as well as treating problems associated with other joints and extremities. Using conservative care and rehabilitation protocols, patients find that they can feel better, do more, and enjoy the graded return to family, social, recreational and employment activities.

Dr. Gale would be very pleased to assist you with treatment for the alleviation of your suffering and to recapture and support your return to a more vital life.

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Chiropractic Services
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