Metabolic Therapy

Explore the role of metabolic therapy in cancer care

From his well-equipped clinic in Grand Cayman, Dr. Kwinter collaborates with leading medical specialists around the world to deliver highly personalized treatments for various conditions. This includes the Press Pulse Protocol, a pioneering complementary approach to cancer care.

Press Pulse Protocol

Dr. Thomas Seyfried is an American professor of biology, genetics, and biochemistry at Boston College. He is a proponent of a theory of cancer pathogenesis that regards damage to cellular respiration as the initial defect that subsequently leads to the genetic mutations seen in cancers. This view of the metabolic origins of cancer brings to light the ability to selectively starve cancer cells of their required biochemical fuels using the novel "Press Pulse" approach.

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Starving Cancer Cells: Evidence-Based Strategies to Slow Cancer Progression, 2021

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Our Personalized Care Staff

Dr. David Kwinter, MD, CCFP(EM)


I am delighted to introduce myself as a dedicated family physician and the new Clinical Chief of Concierge Medicine at Cayman Medical. Concierge Medicine flips the paradigm of primary care by focusing foremost on the patient's experience and outcomes. By offering a premium service to a select group of patients, service quality can be maintained indefinitely at a truly exceptional level.

Our Concierge Medicine service is a specialized form of family medicine in which patients benefit from increased availability and personalization of care. It encompasses the full scope of family medicine, including primary preventative care, chronic disease management, health coaching and minor surgical procedures. Unique aspects of our service include thorough executive medicals in place of routine screening and at-home management of many urgent care issues. Our exclusivity and focus on the patient's experience translate into immediate access and ample time with the physician, house calls on-demand, high-quality care, and ultimately, peace of mind.

My educational background includes degrees from the esteemed University of Kentucky College of Medicine and Memorial University's Department of Family Medicine. Having completed my training and certification in both family medicine and emergency medicine, I ran my own family practice in Canada while simultaneously working ER shifts, OR assisting, running a hospital-based special procedures clinic, and caring for the residents of a local retirement home. With over 8,000 hours of high-volume, high-acuity emergency room experience, I am adept at managing complex medical workups as well as minor surgical special procedures. Having run a solo private practice of over 1,000 patients for nearly a decade I gained experience in managing nearly all common chronic diseases and many uncommon and rare diseases as well.

Cayman Medical's new Concierge Medicine program is a fantastic opportunity to bring this specialized form of family medicine to a select group of residents of Grand Cayman. By enrolling in this program, patients can expect outstanding care and unparalleled service from their dedicated physician as well as priority access to the full spectrum of specialists at the Cayman Medical Center.

Dr. Kwinter would be very pleased to assist you with any health related problems you may be suffering from.

To enroll in our Medical Services program or request more info please call 623-1000 or contact us via our contact form.

Dr. Kwinter: Clinical Chief of Concierge Medicine and Primary Care
Nurse Candice: Head Nurse of Concierge Medicine and Primary Care
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